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I have been thinking of delicious yet nutritious snack for my family especially with Nathan likes on something new to eat every day. Well, he gets that from his Dad and I’m quite worried that it will harm his health than do good on his growing age.
When I met my high school best friend last week she shared the same sentiments towards her daughter before but she found out from her colleagues about a healthy seeds that becomes their daily consumption. I became so curious that I dig on the net more and learned how to eat chia seeds and I found out that there are so many things I can do with that seeds that will help my family to have the healthy foods they badly needed every day.

By reading the chia seeds blog, I found out what’s my friend’s been telling me about it. I can find more ways to introduce it to my son and family like they are just having their usual snacks but now with more nutritional values. I have to keep on eye with my son’s eating habits and I just hope he will not be that picky on foods but now with the help of chia seeds, I can be more at ease with what he eats.

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Chia seeds said...

Chia (Salvia hispania L) is a herb that flourishes in South America. Its seed has been part of local diets for centuries. Indeed, Chia is believed to have been a staple food of the Aztecs, who regarded it as an aid to mental acuity, physical endurance and wellbeing. It remains in common use in southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seed provides abundant Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, in an optimum ratio. It also provides protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. http://www.rainforestfoods.co.uk/chia/chia-seeds/