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Happy 36th!

To the man I truly adore. For the wonderful and generous daddy and husband in this lifetime, it’s his special day today and it is Holy Thursday. Well, all the last week of March and first week of April celebrators falls to the Lenten Season week and hubby is used to that every year. As we observe Holy Week, I can’t help but to greet happily the man who really deserves the word happiness.

I have a surprise treat for him this Easter Sunday at Manila Pavillion and he kept on asking me where are we going that day because I told him to reserve that day for just the two of us since my Mom really wanted to get Nathan and stayed in their place for even a just a day. And I take that as one opportunity to spend a day having a late celebration for him.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for giving me my hubby whose very patient and understanding (minus all some minor differences which me maturely settled in a matter of minutes) but above all that, I wish him good health, great job, wonderful years ahead. I love you, honey and may the good Lord bless you more.

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