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I know I had a lot of problems sticking to my promises that I have to cut all my food intakes and go for a rigid exercise, plans of enrolling to a gym and fulfilling all these this year. But I just can’t resist all these lovely offers from a living well site offering as much as 60% discount when you purchase a voucher. Sometimes I have no choice but to avail it once I find it truly tempting especially when it is all about buffet lunch or dinner in a hotel or a salt scrub plus body spa near our place.

I surprised hubby in his post birthday last 2 weeks ago with a buffet lunch at Manila Pavilion and though he had an idea after I insists to go there after we hear a mass at Malate Church, he just smile and said, I think I know where were going. And yes, it was an amazing experience touring the city just to eat endlessly. But what I like most is their desserts (I think I like the main courses in Trader’s more) and their special freebies of bunny milk chocolates. Well, it is just once every 3 months or it depends on the offers but I think I like the idea of buying more (in a less price, of course) for to have a taste of what Metro Manila hotels can offer.

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