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Next Step

My cousin loves her work and at the same time giving her best to finished her studies.  Our family is so proud of her for making it this far despite of having troubles keeping up with her hectic schedules.  Her patience and perseverance paid off and now she’s busy on her gmat preparation.  She as full of promises for her future and for her family as well that we can’t help but to applaud her knowing she would want to take an MBA.  She’s been dreaming of that for so long and now that everyone’s on her side to help her make it through, there’s no way she can’t have the best school for her graduate studies.

Right now, she’s taking her time to focus on her application.  I told her to take a short vacation just to unwind and relax because that’s what she needed most.  And she deserves to take a breather for all the hard work and sacrifices. My aunt wants me to come with my cousin because she thinks I also deserve to take a vacation and that’s because I always asked them to take me so I can tour with them.  But I’m so proud to have a family like them.  I always feel at home.

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