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Gift Cards

Being so sweet and thoughtful are some of my hubby’s best traits. He gave me anything I wanted as long as he can afford it and he’d surprised me with it as long as he can hide it. As for me, I always make sure he really likes anything that I would like to buy for him so to avoid mistakes, I asked him what he wants and I guess that is not a surprise at all.

But one day he approached me and asking me about gift rocket gift cards online that he said his friends is using instead of buying gifts and giving it personally. He said many of his colleagues who want to give gifts but can’t think of anything to buy is now enjoying this with just one click on their computer. I think that is cool since most of us nowadays would like to spend it in any way that we like with less hassle on the recipient of the gift cards.

I even joked about it and said maybe he’s thinking another surprise for me and he just smile as he always do, no confirmation, no agreements. Well, maybe I will be the one to surprise him one day.

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