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Old Places

When a friend asked me to join them in a dinner meeting with Patrimonio family, I honestly told her I can’t come for so many reasons. I don’t feel like going out after work because I was dead tired, the meeting place was quite too far from the office, Friday means heavy traffic going to MRT and the MRT during rush hours means disaster. I have lots of alibis in my mind but it means a lot to have this meeting for our May 5 party for Tin. So even if I have hundred reasons not to go, I have one main reason to see them.

I have to go to Araneta in Cubao to meet them but we decided to go first at Eastwood, Libis while the others are watching the basketball finals. And while at my friends car going to Libis I suddenly felt goose bumps and all the memories came back when I used to travel from Cubao to Libis every day for almost 3 years. It’s amazing how the place transformed from having just a few business buildings to a well known spots now with all tallest structures everywhere. I have this urged to go to IBM building and see if my old friends are still there but I need to reserved the seats in a Korean restaurant and I’m having fun with my other 2 friends whose with me that time.

I’ll promise myself I will go there again if time permits. I still haven’t show hubby the world of Eastwood City. We will do it some other time. ♥

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