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Travel Plans

I always wanted to travel. That’s one thing that hubby and I have in common, we love to travel and we wanted to explore. Travelling abroad is our long time dream and I am wishing that we can do it in the near future. I wish to travel in Australia and New Zealand and I was so fascinated on their breath taking places and their wonderful sceneries. It’s like being in a wonderland. I wanted to try their famous bungee jumping sites and conquer my fear of heights.

My friend and her family migrated to New Zealand last year and she always reminds me to visits them if we decided to travel abroad. She said she’s still not familiar with the whole places but I shouldn’t worry much because we can get the best New Zealand travel agent in town and we can tour around with no hassle at all. She told me once I’m there, I will be thinking to live in that place too. She wishes we can be together with our own family.

Well, that really inspires me and gives me this will to save and plan for this to happen. Hubby said sooner the better. And I have to cross my fingers for that.

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