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Pretty in Pink

Sometimes, I hate to say that I want that “something” in front of my hubby. Because I told you before, if he things its cool and its pretty and it looks good on me whatever it is, he’ll find time to buy it and surprise me. I don’t want surprises but with hubby around, life is full of surprises. And I admit I love it. Last weekend, I told hubby to see what’s new in the Fossil watch store. I was fascinated to a pink colored watch before and looking at the glass display, I saw one new watch that looks perfect for me. I even tried it but told hubby, it’s quite expensive, I should save money to buy it and he just smile and said, why wait for next year? I answered, because I still have watches to wear and it’s also fossil brand and I thought I should have new one next year.

But that’s my husband! And his nephew suddenly told me when I came home last night if I already see the watch they bought. My heart plummeted to the ground as I anticipated that it must be the watch I promised to buy next year. He keeps on denying but he gave up because I freaked out and insisting him to show it to me! And there it was my brand new beautiful pink watch. I so love it! Thank you so much hubby! I can’t thank you enough for all the love and ehem.. surprises ♥

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