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Bowl Time

During my early years in my previous company, my office mates and I usually went to a bowling place near our office.  And it was one of my favorite sports aside from volleyball and basketball.  I remember joining our department team when our company held a bowling tournament at Star Mall in Mandaluyong.  On their spare time, I also went with hubby (my bf then) playing with his office mates and it made me good at it.

After so many years, I again played bowling with hubby and my sister at Mall of Asia.  I admit, I lost my touch on the ball. During the time that I was playing volleyball at school I injured my right wrist on a wrong spike and I endured a bandage for almost 2 weeks.  Without a practice, I felt that a size 8 ball was heavier than the one I used before.  I settled with a size 7.  I lead the scoring but I tried using size 8 ball again and my right hand gave away.  I can’t lift anymore ball during the 9th frame and I lost with them.  But we are happy and especially my sister who insisted on trying the bowling lane in MOA.  She wish we can play there again next time.  And I must do better when it happens. =)

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