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Road to Greatness

Maybe our boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is back here in our country (as the news reported) today. While scanning some sports news, I read one of many heart warming articles about what happened before and after his fight with Ricky Hatton last May 3.  It is truly said that we should be proud to be a Filipino.

Road to greatness now runs through Manny Pacquiao, the new king of boxing
May 3, 10:14 pm EDT
LAS VEGAS - Floyd Mayweather Jr. took his daughter bowling Saturday night after announcing his return to the ring. Good thing, because if he had seen Manny Pacquiao fight he might have figured out what boxing fans now know - that the future of boxing lies in the furious fists of a most unlikely new superstar.

Had he been watching, Mayweather might have been as stunned at what he saw as his estranged father seemed to be in Ricky Hatton's corner. Fighters just aren't supposed to do the kind of things Pacquiao did to Hatton in five minutes 59 seconds of utter domination before a thrilled crowd at the MGM Grand hotel.

All Mayweather can do now is get in line. The road to greatness now runs through a fighter who truly does let his fists do the talking.

"If Mayweather wants a piece of the little Filipino, just be my guest," promoter Bob Arum crowed when it was all over.

That's not likely to happen right away, but the odds are good it will happen eventually. There's too much money involved for it not to. Read more...

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