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After the Storm

After Tatay's funeral last week, I know everybody in the house haven’t got our usual rest and sleeping time.  Right now, hubby is still on leave in his office to help process some documents and papers in SSS. I warn him that he’s been out of work for more than a week and he might miss something important and he’s only delegating work and monitoring his department though emails and calls.  But he has no choice for no one can accompany Nanay from all these tiresome paper works but him.

Last week, we had an overnight accommodation in a hotel and got a family room for the five of us, me, Mom, my eldest sister, hubby and King (our very reliable driver) because we really can't travel back in Manila anymore.  And King is exhausted from driving all over the places and even Manila-Pampanga-Manila route.  After they refreshed themselves in the shower, I was the last one who got out from the shower room and guess what I saw…. They are all sleeping soundly with just a few minutes after I entered the rest room!  I am also too tired but I snapped some photos without them knowing! And they are all laughing when I showed their pictures. They said they are talking with each other and  did'nt even know they fall asleep that time. They even forgot to turn off the TV!

That accommodation earned us a free buffet breakfast and we ate all we can! lol!

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