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Back to Work

It's back to work for me while hubby went to Pampanga to attend the “pasiyam” or the 9th day after Tatay’s death.  There will be mass and prayer which will be held at his cousin house in Florida, Blanca.  I been out of work for almost a week and hubby understand that I have tons of work to do in the office. 

 We cleaned the house yesterday for we are out of the house for 1 week and hubby sometimes stayed at his parent’s room and looked at the old pictures of Tatay.  Though he prepared himself for what was coming, he still can’t believe that it was so soon and they didn’t talk heart to heart.  

But mostly, we stayed at home to rest and catch our sleep.  The day we went home, I finally felt that my whole body was tired and aching.  My sister and I have been sleeping for few hours in the car during the wake but I only felt the stiffness when I lay down in our bed that night.  

Tonight my mother in law will come home with hubby and hubby said there are lots of things to talk about. 

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