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My things to do.....

TGIF! I have two precious days to enjoy. So precious for a working wife like me.  I have plenty of things to do in my mind right now.  And these are the top ten. 

1.         I can watch more Asian drama in mysoju.com =)

2.         Since hubby will attend some training at work tomorrow, I have time to rearrange things again in our room.

3.         I’m asking hubby if we can go to Quaipo if he gets off to work early.  I hope after lunch will do.

4.         I promised Aubrey that I will buy some of her things at school.  Hopefully she can go with us so she can check her things personally.

5.         My office mates are asking me to join the face book mania so they can add me up. I might create an account tonight.

6.         Will check on all the pictures uploaded in my PC.  I would like to print those pictures and put it in a photo album.

7.         I want a body massage! =)

8.         And a nice and long sleep with the alarm off and without rushing to take a bath in the early morning.

9.         Still can’t get over with my Boys Over Flower fever and I want more of them! Lol! So I’m digging up the net for more news and photos =)

10.       Lastly, I want to lay down on our bed all day but that’s impossible with the above 1-9 to do’s.


Will keep you posted! Happy weekend friends! =)

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