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Reasons to Smile

I know, I know… there are lots of reasons to smile today.  It’s Friday and it’s pay day (yippee!) and I’m imagining our kitchen right now because we have to do some groceries after work, I’m thinking what else is lacking in our supplies.

One more reason is that hubby finally got his driver’s license yesterday and the only problem is we don’t have the car yet (ha-ha!) Well at least I have that thing to encourage him to save more so we can able to buy our own car. 

We are going to Pampanga tonight. Hubby needs to get some important documents there so we can process Tatay’s benefits.  Though my sister needs the car because Vince is sick and she needs it just in case, she let us borrow her car again but we should go back on Saturday night.

Oh well, we will be travelling again this weekend and goodluck to us =)

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