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Those Times

Hubby made up for all the heart aches he’d given me last week (lol!) Well, actually, I was plunged with my so called “emotional me” because of my monthly period that I felt he’s ignoring me and he won’t understand my feelings and that he doesn't care, etc, etc. That I snapped at him every time, don’t want to see him and I’m being so unreasonable.  And yes, I can be unreasonable some times and I don't know why.


Good thing, he happens to know that I have those “maddening” time and he just laughed at it (and made me whine again for ignoring me).  But It's over now and since our company gave us our mid year bonus and of course it’s payday, I treat him at Racks Restaurant in Mall of Asia last Friday.  We ordered their famous baby back ribs and their clam chowder tastes really good!  We also watched Terminator Salvation and today, after we went to Cartimar, Pasay and bought Chase dog food (which is a whopping P75 ($1.53) dollar per kilo now) we again watched A Night in the Museum Part 2 (though I prefer the first movie) and munch at Wendy's for their new Baconator burger.  It was raining hard and the taxi line was so long that I’m having a second thought of just riding a bus but we have so many things to carry because we also did some grocery shopping and It’s kind of heavy and bulky. I just keep on muttering to myself that “Patience is a Virtue” until we reached the front row.


I guess we are just having the time of our life.  After all the hard works, sharing and bonding with your love ones are one of the best thing ever.

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