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Summer Rain

Typhoon Emong really did some heavy rains last night.  It was so cold in the office and was the first time that they turned off the aircon when we are constantly whining of the heat before.  It was so cold that I was the only 2 in our area that didn’t bring any sweater or jacket and I envy my office mates that they are all secured with their jackets and I am chilling on my desk. 


I went to Puregold after work and I meet with Aubrey and mom.  Aubrey asked for his favorite Cornetto ice cream while it was so cold and raining hard and roamed around the place in her own, but when all the lights went off, he hurried back to us and promised she will never leave us again (lol!) I promised them that we will ate dinner at Jollibee but it was still raining non stop so we settled for a Henlin and noodles dinner in Puregold food stalls.


The weird thing is, after all the heavy rain, traffics and street floods last night, it is all shine today! Actually I bought a jacket with me and  the weather is hot! Gosh! I should have known =)

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