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Boys Over Flower

What's keeping me busy these days?......................  It's THEM!!! 

Lol! I know I am not that crazy watching and following them every articles or interviews in the net unlike before, but I'm glad I was able to watch this comedy/romance kseries, I feel young again...really! ; )

Boys Over Flower 

And my favorite F4 (Korean version) Kim Bum! =)

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3 shared their thoughts:

Anonymous said...

wow i love boys over flowers, it is so nice korean tele series, you can also watch boys over flowers

MiLeT said...

hahaha. ang gwapo nya noh. kaso bata pa. at cute ung parang love story nila nung friend ni jandi.

nasa east of eden din sya.

Mye said...

hihihi! 20 yrs old lang! pero pede na yan! hahaha!