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Heat Mania

Our local weather bureau said that temperatures in Luzon reached 36.5 degrees Celsius last Monday a record high this year and will remain hot till this day.  That explains why I’m having this annoying head ache and my body felt so heavy (not that I’m fat, I know =) and my mood changes.  You can feel the intense heat and you can’t even bear to walk outside without having an umbrella or shades.  I can’t imagine what will happen if you expose yourself outside the sun from 10am-2pm. 


When I reached home, I will automatically ventilate first our room for 5 minutes before I open our air conditioner setting aside the high bill on electricity next month.  I feel so exhausted and the electric fan won’t help either.  The problem is my old ear infection starts to bother me once again due to this intense hot-cold environment. Hubby and I would only go out to stroll after sunset to avoid the sun Heat wave, heat stroke, heat exhaustion or heat stress, whatever you call it, we wish rainy days will start soon.

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