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Twister in Manila

I just found out from my office mate that a giant (as they called it) twister  hits Manila bay yesterday afternoon (nearly dusk), kind of creepy though but I really wanted to see it live right before my eyes (he-he).  I remembered many years ago looking at the twin twisters after a storm hits Metro Manila and we are so nervous that it might go down and hit some trees or even houses.  Good thing they are just hanging mid air till it disappear.


Well, hearing some twister news made me think of that abrupt climate change movie of Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid entitled The Day After Tomorrow, it might happen to this world and its really scary.


See the photo below of the twister in Manila Bay.

credits to picture owner

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1 shared their thoughts:

R vin said...

Most likely to happen if global warming trend continues to pick up. :)