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My Bro's Special Day!

It was my brother’s birthday last Saturday and since he is in Qatar we decided to celebrate it just yesterday in Laguna.  Hubby’s cousin, aunt, nieces and my mother in law come with us so it was like a small party in the garden. We grilled pork meat, egg plant salad, and Mom cooked a special fish sinigang sa miso and I made tacos and penne spaghetti after they went swimming at the club house.  While eating, my brother called and he was so happy when we all greet him a happy birthday, he said he
 still at the office but definitely there will be a big celebration on their place after his duty.  He screamed stop it when we keep on telling him about the foods we made for him and we all laughed when he said he wants to go home to eat it (lol!)

He’s our only brother, and he’s one of the best brother in the world, I will put him in the competition if there’s any.  He’s the nicest guy I ever known and though are sorry for not having that “good” married life but he has his twins to serve him as an inspiration. 

 We can only wish him true happiness, good health and all the best in this world. He knows that our family loves him so much.

Our siblings pictures minus our eldest sis whose in Dubai that time

Happy Birthday Kuya Bhoy and God bless you always! =)

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