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Angels in us

There must be a happy angel lurking in our work place today.  Everyone seems so hyper and cheerful.  In contrast to the sad and irritating news about the future of our account/project transitions yesterday, most of us are having a joyful mood right now.  We ate together in the nearest food store outside our office and shared some good stories about us.  The people in our warehouse, though I saw them very busy with their loads, they groove to my dance music and keep laughing with their dancing style. If I only have my camera with me, I can even post their weird steps in youtube (ha-ha!) Even the bosses here are quite in their spirited self.  I can now believe that an angel showered us with a happy dust. 

We even pose for this picture (they called us the 5S, in line with our company’s campaign for this famous Japanese management methodology) =)

Anyways, it’s Friday again and weekend means rest! There’s a 3 day sale in the nearest mall and most of all, it’s payday time! It can be one good reason to be happy, right? So I'm wishing you all a happy weekend blogging friends! Enjoy! =)

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