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Riding Team

Summer time and kids are all in school vacation much to the delight of my son, Nathan. He loves to play with his older cousins and he enjoys every minute with them. Nathan already knew how to feel sad whenever they will bid him goodbye or they are not around. They wish I can still have another baby so he’ll not feel alone and that is our fervent prayers, too. But for now, we are his best friends and he and his Dad’s biggest playground is the Mall of Asia.

Now he’s trying to ride not only in the usual Merry-go round but he loves to try other children’s rides like the new Honey bee ride at the sea side area and the indoor Ferris wheel. I can’t believe he’s not scared riding that high unlike me who doesn’t want to just even try. I hate the feeling of like something is twisting your stomach and making me throw up.

He’s having a time of his life playing. And it feels like I’m being a kid again seeing how happy he is. I simply love his smile. It brightens everyone else feeling around him. Well, another to-do lists whenever he hears the word, Mall.

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