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Build Your Dreams

My family loves car because we travel a lot.  And since we are all traveling with some children in tow, having your own car can make a big difference. That’s why this year, hubby and I are really saving up extra money to afford a car on our own and not always asking my sister and borrow her car.  Hubby wants to explore nearby provinces and likes to travel by car, he said we can save a lot of money than riding a bus going to our destination.


And just in time, I come across this blog about BYD (Build Your Dreams) Auto which is well known in the car business since its started selling cars in 2003.  They have this new electric cars and plug-in hybrids like F6DM plug-in hybrid sedan and the less expensive F3DM plug-in hybrid compact car in which I just hope they market their way here in the Philippines.  It will be such great news to all car lovers!  My husband will surely like to have one for him self since it is cheaper compare to others. It’s quite practical to have this car with its very impressive features.  You can visit their website at http://www.BYD.com  to know more about this new Byd Electric cars.

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