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Weird Day

I never  thought that the black thick clouds were talking about outside our office yesterday will heavily poured down as if a bucket of water is directly on top of your head.  Yes, I am one of those unfortunate commuters that feel the wrath of the sky at Sucat, Paranaque and having a single 2-fold umbrella won’t help me from being so wet all over.  But I feel sad for those children coming from their school and those babies that were caught off guard by a sudden heavy shower. Within seconds, they are all wet and it’s not good for the health because that whole day was so hot and sunny and the rain is really unexpected.

The worst is, at fx taxi, after a few blocks, the road were all dry and no trace of even a single drop of rain at all.  It’s so unfair! I’m chilling to the bones and suddenly you’ve noticed that you’re the only one left all wet and new passengers are definitely dry.  See the effects of the global warming? It’s so weird and scary sometimes.

I have to take a bath when I reached home so I won’t catch a fever or cough.  And I immediately cooked our dinner viand (pork curry) because my hubby’s office mate visits us and borrowed some VCD movies.  We had a small talk in our room and after she left, I continue watching my Asian dramas.  Oh, well, I’m hooked in watching  again.  

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