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"Getting Ready"

I and hubby were very busy these past few days for Tatay’s hospitalization. But tomorrow is the big day, we already reserved a room at Makati Medical Center and his doctor said that he initially needs 3 bags of blood for his blood transfusion. Hubby are now looking for possible donors in his office but this is the 4th time that Tatay needs blood transfusion and most of his colleagues volunteered to donate and he’s quite shy on asking them again for a second round =) I told him I can donate blood if there are no other options.

It’s been a hard days for both of us and mostly to my hubby. But we somehow managed to pull it through.

My only brother came home from Qatar, but I haven’t seen him yet. He went straight to his son’s home in Nueva Ecija. He gave me snickers chocolate, lotion and shampoo. When I think of talking to his supposed to be wife, she did something wrong again to my family that made my face turns red and my blood rise to the maximum level. Haha! I felt bad sometimes. But she is really annoying. What can I do? I know mom and my sister skipped the part of the story when they went to our house last Tuesday, but my father called me yesterday and talked about it. He said my sister slipped on telling It to them when she went to Laguna.

My body really needs to rest. But I know it’s more on emotional stress and everything else follows. I need more strength I can get.

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

goodluck. sana makahanap kau ng donor. oist, pr2 ka na naman.