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From Sad to Happy

I went went to Baclaran Church last night alone.  Hubby text me that as much as he wants to go with me, he still had meetings and conference call to attend to.  I thought of asking my sister to be with me but she was out and strolling with my brothers family in Tagaytay.  After church I strolled around Baclaran and bought some delicacies being sold especially during Wednesday mass.  I really am hungry that time and I brave myself to eat alone at Jollibee.  I don’t usually ate alone in a fast food restaurant, I have a tendency to eat fast and really felt so alone (he-he).


Hubby came home late that night but with some happy news.  He was able to talk to his boss about some issues and he felt so relieved.  And seeing him so happy made me smile. I can never think of anything else but to see my hubby happy.  He was so stressed the other night that I saw him eating his dinner with a bite and swallow mode (and forgot that he still needs to chew the food!) and to top it all, being an only son doesn't guarantee you a heavenly life.  It really depends, you know =)

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