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Thy Ring

Hubby yet surprised me with another thing I wanted most long time ago. It’s the eternity ring. I once told him before that when we want to renew our wedding bow, I wanted to have our new wedding ring and that’s the one. But it only came as a joke because wearing our wedding band are the most important thing happened in our wedding. But when we often go to Quaipo and as we ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant, we passed by to the many jewelry stores in the vicinity. And there in that particular store, I once checked and wear one Eternity ring and he asked me if I like it. Of course I like it, actually I love it!. But since we are in the tight budget, I shrugged it off and returned the ring to the lady at the store.

Never knew that when we went to Quiapo last week with Mom and my sister, he had this idea of asking me again to check on the ring. And I obliged since my mom wants to buy new necklace, and I'm indulging myself on trying some other jewelries. And then, all of a sudden, it happened quite too fast, he was bargaining the price to the owner of the store and after few minutes, I got the ring! Wow! He said since his birthday is approaching he might as well give himself a present… a present for me. I’m speechless. And i can't find the words... just thank you and kiss said it all.

Now, I have to think much way better on what to give him on his birthday next month.

really looks nice in my finger! =)

this picture is similar to my ring, i got it from the net.

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

wow, yeth ang ganda. super nice sya. haha. at least may pampasaya ka. every time na naasar ka yan na lang tingnan mo at mawawala asar mo.