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The latest update

Tatay was confined in Makati Medical Center last Saturday afternoon, and I must say we’re happy we transferred him to that hospital; it was amazing and Tatay’s hemoglobin as of this moment is already 9 compare to last Saturday’s blood test result of 5. And my hubby’s office mate’s are so helpful donating blood for my father in law. And good thing hubby’s cousin came from Pampanga to help us and accompanied Nanay at the hospital.

Kuya Bhoy and the rest of the family ate lunch here in our house and I cooked his favorite viands, lechon kawali, pinakbet and bicol express.
And his twins are getting bigger and bigger each time they came here.

We are both tired, but we managed to smile and watch our new series, Prison Break.

Tomorrow, I will be the one to prepare the foods to bring at the hospital; hubby can’t take a leave from work so I filed a leave instead. He needs to accomplished lots of thing at the office.

My brother and his twins

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