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First Ever

It is my one dream to have a bakeshop or cake shop someday.  Though I know It requires a lot of study, effort, knowledge and money to start, I can only wish that I can fulfill it just by doing it at home.  I started buying one by one some important things needed in baking like sifter, spatula, scooper, wire whisk, measuring cups/spoons and bowls.  Though I have few cake pans at home, I still needed more just in case I venture more on this long lost hobby of mine.  

And so one night, thinking I have to test my baking power, I try doing the easiest cake I known on earth, the Banana Cake (lol!) My mother in-law and hubby’s aunt gladly help me prepare all the ingredients needed and eagerly watch as I put the cake pan in the oven. 

After 35 minutes, and after a toothpick I inserted came out clean, I know, I just made my first ever crunchy banana cake and hubby loves it! He said its even better from the banana cake he tasted before (or he was just being nice for my effort, he-he) But those who tasted it said I should make it as a business.  O di ba, I am so happy, I am inspired to bake more cakes in the future.

 Take a look at the picture =)

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