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Some Blessings

There are good things coming our way this week. Though hubby told me sad news about political issues in their office, I still managed to make him smile and advised to take it easy. Though I know it’s actually not that easy, I don’t want him to be frustrated for what is common and obvious in the corporate world.

He handed me last night a letter from the distribution office of Readers Digest stating that he won a consolation prize of one Reader’s Digest product worth P2,190.00 ($44.69) and it’s a 4-disc CD of world great music collection of all time. And it’s really a collector’s item and hubby said the he can’t recognize the name of the singers but it’s really soothing to the mind when you start playing it. Ah, I think it’s the best to play it when you’re having a hard time sleeping =) At least, of all the years we subscribe to Readers Digest and we sent all the docs needed in their sweepstakes draw, hubby finally won a prize. And the prize is still related for our being music lover (he-he)

Another surprised gesture came from hubby’s cousin who gave me a turtle green Lacoste bag this morning. And it’s really cute and most especially, it’s big enough to put all my heavy things (which I don’t know why it’s heavy). Bless her for her kind heart to our family.

the letter from RD.

the 4-CD box set

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