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Fated to Love You

The main casts of Fated to Love You

                                                                   pix credits to tom.com

With all the Asian dramas I’ve watched, I know Fated to Love you is a typical story of a fairy tale romance.  But aside from the familiar cute face of Chen Xin Yu (Chen Qiao En) and the loving and handsome face of Ji Yun Xi (Ethan Ruan) this story will make you cry, smile and laugh all the way to the end.  I long stopped from watching Asian dramas since I was hooked again in reading books and watching US TV series.  I first heard about it when my office mate keeps talking about it and even asked me how to get a wallpaper of this hit Taiwan series.  Since I become so curious that I started to asked questions on the story line and she said it was being shown in Channel 7. Darn, we are solid Kapamilya (Cha.2) and never can I have a chance to change the channel when my in-laws stocked in the TV screen from 6pm – 10:30pm straight, every weekdays. 


And so I bought a DVD of this series and start watching it just last weekend. The story moved me that If ever hubby will see me, he will start to tease and laugh at my smiling then crying expressions. I was so freaking hooked on this series and loving it. Most of the time, I was teary eyed because being so forgiving and selfless person are very rare in this world. The story was so touching. But then it was a happy ending, we can surely believe that love will always finds it way. Press on! =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

ako rin nde ko alam na naipalabas na to sa channel 7 pero nung pinapalabas to sa taiwan as in weekly ko inaabangan ung english subs. kaso mo, nawalan ako ng interest kasi as usual pinahaba nila kasi mataas ang ratings. tapos nag umpisa pa ung hot shot. pero believe me mas marami pang ibang taiwanese drama na mas maganda ang istorya kesa jan.

thanks in advance sa calendar pala.