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Shocking Blue

I'm sporting a glitter blue nail polish on my toe and finger nails and they said it’s kind of cute though I know it will really look good on a fair complexion skin.  Just carry on, girl! =)

I’m back here in the office and as usual the loads are filing up but not that much compare with the loads I’m doing while I’m handling export work. I forgot our payroll cut-off period was yesterday, but I managed to squeeze in my work leaves this morning and emailed our payroll admin to consider.  I’m glad that she did include it this pay period. 

Tatay was discharged yesterday from the hospital. And I’m glad and we’re lucky his new doctor is really kind and accommodating.  I only have praises for Makati Medical Center.  Our bill costs are much lesser compare to Tatay’s previous hospital. I just hope Tatay's health will improve.  

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