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Dampa Night

I know assembling a group of people are not that easy especially if that get together requires contribution in form of money.  Well, mostly of the effort and planning comes from me.  And sometimes, I felt this kind of frustration when the date of the event comes, they hesitated to go. When from the beginning of the planning stage they are too willing to participate.  Oh well, you really can’t please everybody.

Good news the planned for a get together at Dampa in Paranaque pushed through last night.  I’m so happy to see that most of us in the office were able to come and me and three of my colleague went at the place first so we can buy our foods at the wet market. I choose to be there during off peak days so we can have a better seat and place to eat.  And we selected a place where we can enjoy and sing a long after the feast.  We did enjoy the night, we feasted on the foods, they lined up for a shot of a song in videoke and most of all, the guys did all the dancing to the extent of having a small group of audience outside the restaurant (ha-ha!) To think they don’t even drink beer or wine.  All well that ends well.  Everybody was full and satisfied and they really wish we can have do it again someday.

Wala ng pansinan toh! lol!

our ultimate senior citizen dancers...Mars, Jups and Marlon!

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