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Unlikely Reunion

My brother called my hubby and asked him if we are busy. He told him what’s up? And he said he wanted to invite all of us in the family to have a get together in our other house in Laguna before he goes back to Qatar next week. And yes, I turned out to be an unlikely reunion after all. We haven’t been complete most of the time coz our eldest sister and my brother were abroad and sometimes, Dad are in the province.

We bought so much to eat that day and our family friend brought a cake and ice creams and at night,aside for grilling pork, we bought ready to eat pansit, chopseuy, crispy pata and lumpiang shanghai from a Chinese Restaurant. It is indeed a food feast and they indulged a green label Johnnie Walker as we shared some stories in the garden. It was past midnight that we decided to go home as hubby needs to be in the office today to supervised one of their major activities at work. Now, after blogging, I and Mico will attend my high school classmate’s son 1st birthday at 2pm. And hopefully, we can have some more time to stroll at the mall later at night.

from top to bottom: the kids;Mico, Reine & Vince in the car, th whole gang at SM Muntinlupa (which the guard approached us that it is prohibited to take a shot =) and with Papa and Jona in Laguna.

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