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Long and Lasting

Friends.  I had a very happy and cheerful life in high school before. I enjoyed it the most especially the last two years in my secondary school life. My being friendly and always smiling nature earned me friends from different sections and I’m really had a time of my life with them.

But through the years, we know things changed. But what I’m proud is having my closest friends still in contact with me … till now. We promised ourselves that we will celebrate each others birthday every year and that will serve as our get together. We are all busy in our daily life but we see to it that we fulfilled this promise. And we did. Last Friday (June 26), we celebrate my high school seat mate’s birthday in Pizza Hut at SM Sucat. I came there first, soon, they are one by one showing up in our meeting place. We happily talked about our lives and we are expecting another bunch of joy because Penny will give birth this August or September. It’s her 3rd baby and Emy and I can only heave a sigh of envy. But we are all happy for her. And we will be the baby’s god parents! Imagine that.

So we ate, laughed, talked, joked about each other till we are full and just did some quick stroll, bought something and then we bid each other good byes again. But we promised to meet each other again on my birthday this August.

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