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Something to Worry about

TGIF again and I am really worried that hubby is still sick.  I wanted him to have his full rest but he can’t do it when office emails keeps coming on his phone.  I want to hide his phone and his laptop but I know he really needs to be updated because they had major problems at work last week.


My father will celebrate his 71st birthday this Sunday (July 12).  And as we plan on how to celebrate it, we all found out that we are having problems on our schedules.  My younger sister wants to celebrate it tomorrow for she needs to review Vince on Sunday for his 1st-pre quarter examination which will start on Monday.  But hubby is still sick and I know he will never make it on the planned lunch in a restaurant.  And I will never allow him to go out too in his current situation.  My older sister called me that Aubrey is definitely our big girl now, she was selected by her school to play volley ball plus she has MTAP (Math Teachers Association of the Phils.) review every Saturday. Definitely, Saturday lunch is impossible so I called my other sister to squeeze in some few hours for Sunday.  This is the only day we can be complete.


This is a once in a year event and I hope we can all celebrate it with Papa. I have other options and hopefully we can make it though on his big day.

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