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A date with Harry Potter

We watched Harry Potter 6 movie at IMAX in Mall of Asia last night. Since IMAX has reserved seats, we purchased our tickets two weeks before the show date so we don’t need to endure the long lines at the cinema lobby. Though, I think that Transformers beat HP6 in that area. Being an avid HP reader, of course I knew that the movie will not be that good as the book itself. They just prepare the audience for the last sequel and that is Harry, Hermione and Ron asking a lots of why and who in the end. They don’t even elaborate on why Snape was called the half-blood Prince. And they never gave Albus Dumbledore the grand exit in the movie (the white tomb chapter) after being cursed dead by Snape. While walking home, hubby asked me why is Aragog (the giant spider) doing dead near the house of Hagrid. I’m a good story teller so I explained to him all the cuts and missed of the story lines. This is the 6th movie and maybe I was hoping that they will make it very good this time. Again, I'm a bit disappointed but the special effects is awesome. We should give them that credit. After all, I love Harry Potter period.

When I was passing through the pages of my HP6 book yesterday, I noticed the date hubby first gave it to me (he always do the book reservation in National Bookstore so I can read it first before it leaked in the Internet) and it was dated July 21, 2005.
Imagine, 4 years ago! And reading it again feels like I never read it before =)

I’ve heard that they will have 2 parts movie for the book 7. Good luck then, the Deathly Hallows is an 870-pages book and involves lots of action. I just hope they stick to the story in the book this time.

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1 shared their thoughts:

Pau-pau said...

Hi Mye! Buti ka pa you've already watch HP6, Kainis hindi ako makatiyempo ng oras sa schedule ko e! Naiingit ako! hahaha!