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Golden Hands

When it comes to cooking, I am all praise to my mom who never gets tired in cooking for us whenever she has time and our family is complete.  I guess I learned my cooking skills from her.  I remember when I was young, when she’s busy on doing some chores and can’t continue on cooking, she would asked me to do it by just giving me instructions on what to do next or what ingredients I’ll be using.  And I have this fashion to make it taste good because my siblings are very sensitive eater.  They wouldn’t eat your viand if it’s bland or half cooked.  I sometimes complained to them that they should cooked their own food (he-he) They are my constant critics but that made me challenge myself to learned my mother’s way of cooking.


When I saw my mother and my aunt making "Suman" (sticky rice in banana leaf) last Sunday, I was amazed on how my Mom is good on doing it.  It’s requires lots of skills and patience but she’s doing it for us.  Now I have my own family to cook for and I was so thankful that she taught me how to cook before.  I often miss her way of cooking for us and sometimes I called her to cook my favorite food and I will just pick it up in our old house and share it with my hubby at home.  Most of all, I feel great that at least I’ve got a fair share on my mother’s golden hands.  And hubby loves it. 

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