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Tired Eyes

For the meantime, I know I have to stop from reading books, watching TV and most of all, staying in front of my PC surfing the net.  My eyes are getting tired and I’ve have been straining them the whole day and night.  And now, I have with me a heavy feeling and dreamy looking eyes that wants me to sleep so they can rest, ha-ha!


We didn’t go out yesterday because it rains the whole afternoon and my hubby was so disappointed because he was locked up in the house and all we did was to watch VCD movies and eat.  He then asked me about my plan on my birthday.  I said I’m torn in celebrating it at Laguna or we just have a Friday gimmick that day.  But actually, I don’t wanna think about it at this time.  But I hope it doesn’t rain that day, I’ve been spending my rainy birthday every year. 


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