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When Rain Falls

It is raining non-stop since last night and I think most of Manila areas are already submerge in floods as of this time. I was so late at the office this morning that I was forced to filed half day leave so I won’t get a written warning next month. But I am not alone because most of us are all late and wet and we shared the same sentiments, super traffic. I can endure the rains and a little flood but not the 2-hour traffic on my usual 30 minutes travel going to work. And when I reached the office, I am soaking wet and my head aches (till now). How I wish I should stay home that morning. And I hope this will never happen again tomorrow.

Most of the couriers informed us that they will cancel their shipment delivery and pick up because most of the areas are flooded and major roads are traffic and they are being recalled by their dispatcher back to their office/warehouse. But one particular email from our air courier made me smile. He sent a picture on how flooded their area is to justify his reasons on the delayed pick up or delivery. Here’s the picture he sent to us.

It is still raining hard outside and I wonder how much time I will spend staying in FX taxi before I can reach home. I should recharge my mp3 just in case.

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1 shared their thoughts:

AiDiSan said...

I'm on graveyard shift and about to go home. I went to the canteen for some take out food and I saw the rain outside. I felt bad and I suddenly pitied myself. I hate it when it rains. Good thing it's going to be my day off for the next 2 days.