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Picture Perfect

My sister used to print some of the pictures in her camera, especially during special occasions when Vince was on it. I wonder if this is necessary since you can upload it in your PC or either in your Internet sites. But then again, I thought printing the pictures can also be good because you can only choose among nice pictures and leave those unnecessary ones (bad angle, blurred or unwanted stolen shots) and you can put it in an album or scrap books and show it to everybody.

I have thousands of pictures in my PC for every occasions, events, parties, reunions and vacations we had. I see to it that I had souvenir shots on them. Now, I have them reprinted, no, not all of it, but those with good shots only. We knew one printing shop in Quiapo that offers only P3 ($0.06) per 3R size pictures and 8x10 size for only P27 ($0.57) per print. It’s more than half the price difference from printing shops in the shopping mall. I am all smile looking at some photos, I never did see some of it intently when viewing at the PC. It’s different. And the next step is to have some nice photo album and cute designs around the pictures.

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