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On His Special Day

our handsome Papa and his korean pose =)

We celebrated Papa’s 71st birthday for two days.  We managed to adjust our respective schedules and that made our father very happy.  Saturday morning was our schedule to Makati Medical Center for hubby’s blood check up, we finished it just in time for my sister to pick us up in our house and went to Little Quiapo’s restaurant somewhere in BF Homes, Paranaque.  My other sis was already there and already ordered the foods and once we are all seated the foods were served.  The foods tastes good and the crew are attentive and very courteous, when we sing Happy Birthday to Papa, they sing with us too =)

Happy Birthday, Papa!

at Little Quiapo's restaurant

2nd celebration at home

After lunch we went to MMC again to get the result but this time, I was able to borrow the car of my sister so we strolled first in Ayala Malls. Sunday is Papa's birthday. His only sister and her family came to Laguna and we had a small feast at lunch and I was able to locate in the net the famous pitchi pitchi and pansit of Amber Restaurant in Muntinlupa and their specialties are what we shared that afternoon with them.  The kids went on swimming and I know Papa is happy just to see his whole family in his special day.  Again, we missed our only brother in this occasion but hopefully he can have his much awaited vacation this August.

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