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Think good, feel good

I started my Monday at the office knowing I have to finish before the long holidays all the papers and checking to be submitted next week. I still have manage my time dividing all the works I have right now and April fools get into me and I have another work assignment in current lists right now but you can’t do anything to complain because If I will not accept it, then who will do it?

I have to shake off this feeling that long weekend is coming but my body says, I hope tomorrow is holiday because my body feels that I need to rest. I have a full day everyday and how I wish I can find what I’m checking for by just looking in one binder. But it’s not so I have to endure taking all the binders in my table, flipping each page one by one and do it all over again if I missed one item.

Well, maybe I’m new to the job and once I perfected the process, that is will be easy as 1-2-3. I have full hopes this April and I just have to give it all. I need to stay focus and positive always. Aja, aja! ♥

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