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Busy Week

There are lots of things happened last weekend. I’m so busy that I can only read blogs and no posts at all. My brother left to Qatar last Sunday morning. And we went to Laguna with him for his despedida dinner and they talked over a drinks and I went to my Mom’s room to watched They Kiss Again Taiwan drama series =) We went home after we sent Kuya at the airport at 2 am since his flight is 6 am. I'm so tired because we are in the mall that whole Saturday and we even watched the movie “Knowing” which stars Nicolas Cage. It was all about end of the world. Kind of creepy though.

I left my camera at Laguna and I have so many pictures in it. My hubby’s birthday is on Sunday. And I can’t decide if we will have to do it on an out of town outing or just stay at home. Hmmm….

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1 shared their thoughts:

About Me said...

Hey mye.. also got a very busy weekends.. tiring right?

Anyway, please send my greetings to your hubby :D. Hope he can still remember me.